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  1. Hi, if you would like to sell the rod, please let me know. I'm looking for that one! Please sent PM, thanks and best regards Florian
  2. Hi, please sent PM with pictures, price in eur and condition. Will be in sweden in a few weeks, maybe can pick it up there. Thanks and best regards Florian
  3. Hi, i'm looking for Nextcast Shooting heads. I Need Salarfinder 40 and 45. Please offer what you have for sale. Thanks and best regards Florian
  4. Hi, please sent Pictures of that stinger glx 15ft. and Price in EUR please. Thanks and best Regards Florian
  5. Hi, please send PM for week 24. BR Florian
  6. Hi, is anybody here who will go to spey-o-rama this year in April or maybe anybody who knows somebody that will go there? Thanks and best regards Florian
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