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  1. NEW PRICE 370 EUR incl. shipping in the EU
  2. Hi Alex, the rod is around 6 years old, but fished just a few times. I will send some pictures later, when i'm at home. I got the rod from a good friend when he stopped fishing because of his health. And i have some older Loomis GLX and IMX, that are my favourite rods, so thats why i don't use that NRX. BR Florian
  3. Hej, for sale is my Loomis NRX 9ft line 7 rod in green. Condition: technical 10/10, optical 8/10 The rod and handle is like new. It comes with sock and tube. There is one thing to mention, thats why optical only 8/10. The rod colour is from the top of the rod to the first guide (approx. 10cm) little brighter than the rest of the rod. It was from the beginning, so it is a mistake of the factory when painting the rod. Just optical, not technical. My price is 4.000 SEK inkl. shipping insured to sweden, denmark, finland. BR Florian
  4. Hi, is anybody here who will go to spey-o-rama this year in April or maybe anybody who knows somebody that will go there? Thanks and best regards Florian
  5. Hi rickard,

    very nice reel that you have for sale.

    What ist the price in EUR including shipping to germany?

    Do you have more loop hitec or seatrout etc. for sale?
    Or even the first gold series or the blue series?
    or from danielsson the first series?

    or maybe also loop classic reels?

    Thanks and best regards

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