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  1. Skog

    char fiske råd

    Hi Mr Tipper, That is great advice about sharing a helicopter. I will ask about this. Tack så mycket
  2. Hi Tyvärr, jag kan inte svenska. I hope you will forgive me writing in English. I would like to try and catch char (röding) in the mountain lakes of north of Sweden and was hoping someone could give me some advice please. By north I was thinking about flying to Kiruna and then renting a car. I am travelling on my own so the cost of hiring a helicopter is too expensive and anywhere I fish needs to be close enough to walk to. I don’t mean lakes next to the road though. I am used to walking and camping in the Scottish mountains where there are no roads – 10 to 15km a day with 20kg pack. Your mountain areas will be more extreme so 10km a day to be safe. Happy to walk for two days to get to a good area. I have looked at the natureit.se website (very good that I can buy a permit online) and links about char fishing. Many of the lakes seem to be 500m to 900m altitude so my main question is when is the best month – my dream is to catch char using dry fly. End of June is a good time for me to travel but from what I read this may be too early for the mountains – is it better to wait until July or even August? For where to try, I am just looking for general advice (the internet is not the place to mention specific lakes) such as a big area or region with lots of lakes that I can explore and, if I’m lucky, I can find one with char feeding on the surface. In Scotland I like to set up camp in an area with many lochs nearby to explore – the exploring to find where the nice fish are is part of the adventure! If anyone can give me some advice, I would be very grateful. Tack
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