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  1. Hej!

    Jag erbjuder 250Euro för ditt Loop Evotec #5 Fast med extra tip.

    Mvh Christer / Sverige

    1. Dryfly-only


      Hej Christer, sorry for not answering earlier, if completely missed your message. Are you still interested in the rod?


      MVH Arjan

  2. Dryfly-only

    IMG 6544

    Nice ;l-)
  3. Hallo Speycast, I recently tried a Loop Evotec 100 #7 on this HII rod in a #7 weight, and I must say, your fly will be in the water for a long time while you are retreaving figure of 8 loops ;-) It's amaizing on this rod, you should try it yourself, thats always with lines, rods and casting styles. MVH Arjan Maat
  4. Hallo Perro, Nothing is changed at T & T the guy's in charge of new products and the sales department is still the same, but there is a new marketing philosopy, the Helix series is still the most populair and friendly casting rod. BUT yes there is a now rod on it's way, the TnT series ;-) I have a prototype sinds last year november and it's awesome! The total weight is lighter as the Horizon II and Helix, but the casting is a mix between both, the delacaty from the Helix but the distance from the HII. Try one and you will love it, same as my customers in The Netherlands and Belgium ;-) Skitfiske Arjan Maat www.pro-flyshop.com
  5. Hej hej Hakan, I use Spree, and I love it! http://www.pro-flyshop.com/ Skitfiske Arjan Maat
  6. Thank you very mich PJ, this is something to start with, I know Salmon fishing will be hard work. But I'm very used to cast days after eachother for Sea trout along the Danish coast so I know what kind of work it can be,BUT...........the reward is quit often something you would not forget in your life. Thanks again, @ Henka, we can always have a drink in the Laxenshus, but than it's back to work! Skitfiske guy's Arjan
  7. Hi Guy's Next year I would like to lose my Salmon virginity and try my luck in May at the Mörrum, can you Salmon Die Hards give me any idea's which flies I need in that specific period ? Than I know what flies to tie this dark winter Skitfiske Arjan
  8. Hallo Peppe, the belgian post is not as good as the swedish post so I did not receave them. How nice of you to send flies to me! I will tell you directly if I have them, maybe tomorrow (Monday)

    Thank you very much already, I'll send you a PM if I have them.

    Have a nice weekend and say hallo to the rest of your family!

    Regards Arjan!

  9. have you got flyes.


  10. Super Peppe, I hope you have a lot of fun and catch some nice trouts with them. I told your dad how to fish with them. Keep me updated if you catch a nice fish with it.

    Med Vänlig Hälsening Bye bye


  11. i can send you some flyes that i have made.

  12. the flyes has arrived

    they were very nice

    thank you a lot:)


  13. That´s great news Hakan, I´ll send you a PM. @peppe, your flies will be on the post on Monday! I hope you will win Veckans Fisk again next spring! TL Arjan
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