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char fiske råd

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Tyvärr, jag kan inte svenska. I hope you will forgive me writing in English.

I would like to try and catch char (röding) in the mountain lakes of north of Sweden and was hoping someone could give me some advice please. By north I was thinking about flying to Kiruna and then renting a car.

I am travelling on my own so the cost of hiring a helicopter is too expensive and anywhere I fish needs to be close enough to walk to. I don’t mean lakes next to the road though. I am used to walking and camping in the Scottish mountains where there are no roads – 10 to 15km a day with 20kg pack. Your mountain areas will be more extreme so 10km a day to be safe. Happy to walk for two days to get to a good area.

I have looked at the natureit.se website (very good that I can buy a permit online) and links about char fishing. Many of the lakes seem to be 500m to 900m altitude so my main question is when is the best month – my dream is to catch char using dry fly. End of June is a good time for me to travel but from what I read this may be too early for the mountains – is it better to wait until July or even August?

For where to try, I am just looking for general advice (the internet is not the place to mention specific lakes) such as a big area or region with lots of lakes that I can explore and, if I’m lucky, I can find one with char feeding on the surface.  In Scotland I like to set up camp in an area with many lochs nearby to explore – the exploring to find where the nice fish are is part of the adventure!

If anyone can give me some advice, I would be very grateful.


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Can’t give that much advise.

but I know you don’t need to rent a chopper by yourself.

just tell them you are by yourself. And they will take you out with some other group

and drop you off somewhere we’re you can fish for char.

that will not be a big problem and it’s not expensive at all.


we flew with articheli last summer

4 person, and we flew problebly max distance for a cost around 2500:- Swedish.

its about same price or actually cheaper than renting a car for a week.


plus that you can have base camp with lots of lakes and rivers on the mountains.


guess some other members on this forum have some other uses senders or tips for you.

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Hi Mr Tipper,

That is great advice about sharing a helicopter. I will ask about this.

Tack så mycket

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