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Scierra Tundra V2 Neo Boot Foot, neoprenvadare

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Tillfälle, jag köpte nya neoprenvadare Scierra Tundra V2 Neo Boot Foot Chest Waders (filt), en av de de bästa vadarna på marknaden.. Tyvärr var de lite för små, både på längden och foten var för tajt. Passar en med skostorlek 41-42 istället för 42-43 som det står på dem. Benlängd jag har 32 tum på Jeans och för mig var de för korta kunde inte böja mig ner. Skulle tro de passar bra till någon som har 28-30 tum på sina jeans. Pris 2300 kr (ligger ute på flera ställen)

Mer info kring vadarna
The Scierra Tundra V2 Neo Boot Foot Chest Waders have a deluxe 5mm neoprene design with S-Seal technology for maximum waterproof protection and durability for great performance when wading.
Built from soft and flexible 5mm neoprene fabric, this gives excellent stretch as well as comfort and features lower cut under arms for a better fit. The construction is 100% waterproof with glued, stitched and S-liquid sealed seams for enhanced fabric longevity and wet weather protection.
There is a front chest pocket with a magnetic closure and a magnetic-closed side pocket and water-repellent zipped side pocket for storage. There is also an inner zipped chest pocket and inside is a waterproof phone case with an integrated headphone jack. The suspenders are fully adjustable and provide extra support for added comfort and the knee pads are thick and embossed for added durability.The bottom of the waders include integrated 3mm neoprene-lined rubber boots with felt sole. 





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