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  1. Hardy st George 3" spitfire

    Reel is new. Including box, pouch and papers. 4000kr Or trade: Premium fly rod Sh or swith #5/6/7 9' - 12' Or reel #6-9
  2. Saracione 3 1/2 & 3 3/4

    If you have 3 1/2 or 3 3/4 collecting dust, please let me know? Also 3 1/4 salmon size. But i would be intrested other high quality s-handle reels, so if you have one don't hesitate contact me.. PM, please!
  3. Hardy perfet 3 1/2

    Exellent condition and in full working order with NO cracks, chips, line grooves or repairs, there is no wobble or free-play on the spool or winding plate and the reel consists of its original, xylonite handle, genuine full length un-filed ribbed brass foot, nickel silver rim tension screw and revolving line guide and duplicate MKII check that is nice and crisp. ~1930. Reel is rhw Including D-block leather case. 10000kr I could take trade: S-handle reels, heavy trout/salmon #6-10 Hardy bougle mkV or mkIV 3 3/4 etc. Special reels. PM, please! Pics can send to email.
  4. Super sweet set for dryfly fishing. Including Tube, sock, box, pouch, papers. + cortland line. 7500kr Seeking: Or Nice heavy trout reel or salmon Size 3 1/4 - 4" S-handle or modern reel PM, please! Pics i can send to email..
  5. Hardy st George 3" spitfire

    Reel is new, see pics. Box, pouch and blank warranty card 4500kr including shipping. I could take trade: Burkheimer and meiser rod. Reel: Hardy Taupo, Hardy bougle mkV/MkV 3 1/2, 3 3/4, 4 Winston perfect 3 1/8 3 3/8 S-handle reel ETC. HIGH QUALITY REEL OR ROD.
  6. Scott & Hardy

    Scott F2 7'7 #4 Original tube and sock. Rod is like a new. +line included. Hardy marquis disc 9/10/11 Original pouch and papers Like a new. Price: make me reasonable offer? Seeking: Rod sh/switch/DH #5-8 9'-12'6 Reel #5-9 Love to find g-loomis native run switch or sage tcx switch #5, #6 or #7 Ask more info or pics... PM, please..
  7. hardy perfect 3 3/4

    Reel is super nice condition. Reel is wideSpool and has lineguard. Original red pouch. I think it was made ~1940-50 seeking 3 1/2, 3 3/4 or 4" s-handle reel.. Or hardy bougle mkV 4" Pics i can send to email.
  8. Hardy st george spitfire 3" (#5/6)

    Reel is new, never used or lined. Original box and papers Seeking: S-handle reel Winston perfect Hardy bougle mkIV or mkV Hardy perfect Taupo Orvis deluxe/superfine bamboo 7/4, penn's creek, etc. Pics i can send email. PM, please.