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  1. Hardy Golden Sovereign 9/10 Limited Edition Perfect condition! 4000kr
  2. G2 or the new G series ?

    Mvh Tomas S

  3. Teemu87

    Scott G 866

    Scott G 866 8’6 ft , #6 Perfect condition ! price 3500kr +postage Trade to salmon size reel or double hander 12-15ft also 10ft #8 Scott, Sage etc could interest. pm me if you are interested
  4. Teemu87

    Sage X -> Hardy Perfect, S-handle

    Sage X 13ft #8 Like a new, tube , sock and warranty card includes trade to: Hardy Perfect 3 1/4, 3 1/2 , 3 3/4 , 4” with lineguard. S-handle 3 1/2, 3 3/4 PM me if you are interested to make trades
  5. Trade with a ATH REMCO?




  6. hi there, how are you?

    i have been looking at the speyco reels

    wide drums 4"....

    do you have a nice price?



  7. Teemu87

    Hardy Bougle Centenary

    Hey ! Thats okey, and thank you
  8. Teemu87

    Hardy Bougle Centenary

    I think that reel has been sold few years ago. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hello ! Maybe this Centenary Bougle isn't "vintage or classic" yet, but seems to be super hard to find! Anyway, i am seeking Hardy Bougle MKV 4" reel, i have tryit to buy that reel for a years but nothing.. So, i would like to get some help if you know where to seek or if you got it and you are willing to sell it, just contact me! Just love those Bougle's , i own MKV 3 1/2 , 3 3/4 and MKIV 4" and also new Heritage 4" .. Thank you all. Teemu