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The Lindsø Collection

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After a couple of years I have now finished my book ”The Lindsø Collection” third edition.

It has been a lot of work, but I enjoy seeing and handling this lovely old fishing kit and imagining where it has been and what stories it could tell.

The earlier editions sold out quickly – the first in one month and the second in two months.

This is the third edition, and the number of pages has increased from 160 to near 640 making it a ‘heavy’ book.

It’s about fly fishing reels, from vintage to modern; ancient bamboo rods, greenheart rods, and an assortment of angling accessories from down the ages.

To aid the novice, and inform the experienced collector, many reels have detailed photographs of both external and internal workings.

There are more than 100 reels described and photographed – many are over 100 years old.

Included are many Edward vom Hofe and Hardy made reels, some of which are quite rare and valuable. I have also included a selection of both contemporary and vintage Swedish and Norwegian reels as well as collectable reels from many other countries and makers.

I have tried to find and detail the history of the reels and rods, but it’s not always easy. Unlike other collectables and antiques, fishing tackle sold at places like Angling Auctions, and elsewhere, doesn’t often come with provenance.

I have often been asked when the new book will be available and many people have expressed an interest in pre-ordering a copy. The book has arrived a couple of days ago.


It’s a perfect Christmas gift J


Siste utgave av Reelcollection third edition bilde 1.jpg

Siste utgave av Reelcollection third edition bilde 2.jpg

Siste utgave av Reelcollection third edition bilde 3.jpg

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