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  1. Interested! I send private message yesterday. Let’s continue with email: teme.rekola@gmail.com
  2. Looking to buy S-handle 3 3/4 or 4” Hardy Perfect with lineguard 3 1/4, 3 1/2, 3 3/4, 4” with lineguard, prefer vintage prewar model but newer works as well. Hardy Perfect Taupo interest as well. PM!
  3. Looking to buy Scott Fiberhammer. PM
  4. Teemu87

    Hardy Bougle

    Hardy Bougle 3 1/2 MKV Centenary Limited Edition Great shape! Original box, pouch , papers included. Trades to Bo Mohlin Reels or other S-handle reels. Asking price 6000sek/offer Pm
  5. G2 or the new G series ?

    Mvh Tomas S

  6. Trade with a ATH REMCO?




  7. hi there, how are you?

    i have been looking at the speyco reels

    wide drums 4"....

    do you have a nice price?



  8. I think that reel has been sold few years ago. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hello ! Maybe this Centenary Bougle isn't "vintage or classic" yet, but seems to be super hard to find! Anyway, i am seeking Hardy Bougle MKV 4" reel, i have tryit to buy that reel for a years but nothing.. So, i would like to get some help if you know where to seek or if you got it and you are willing to sell it, just contact me! Just love those Bougle's , i own MKV 3 1/2 , 3 3/4 and MKIV 4" and also new Heritage 4" .. Thank you all. Teemu
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