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  1. If you habe one collecting dust, please PM!
  2. Hardy perfect 4" limited edition, spitfire finish Original leather pouch Extra reelfoot for older reelseat LHW, lefthand Reel is unused/new Around 2002, or 2003, Hardy, now House of Hardy, decided to hand make a limited production run of 250 reproductions of the 1912 perfect in 3 ¾, 4, and 4 ¼ inches wide. All would be the wide drum salmon model. 200 were sold in sets of three, one of each size, and encased in a leather box, while 25 each were available for purchase individually, 25 in right-hand wind, and 25 in left-hand wind. They featured the original check or ratchet and ivorine handle, but added a faceplate that had a spitfire finish. This finish originated during the war, when materials for finishing became difficult or impossible to obtain. Each reel was finished entirely by hand, and stamped as of old, with the maker’s initials" seeking S-handle reel Hardy Perfect 3 1/2 - 3 3/4 Or something other special reel size 3 1/4- 3 3/4 Bamboo fly rod Price for the reel: 11000kr -> 9500kr
  3. Hi!

    I’m interested in your Radian rod.You say it’s like new? Is there any marks or is everything good?  Do you know how it works without warranty for the second user (do you have a warranty card?)

    please Send some picks to: Wilhelmsson.mathias@gmail.com


    1. enppu83


      Good morning,

      Check your email..

  4. Hi i havet a mc steen Salmon reel you can buy 5000kr the reel is New  Only tested One time

    Mvh Magnus


  5. Hej,

    har en 2 hands T&T  som var display spö med plast på handtaget 14ft 3 delad för lina 10, samt en hardy 3 5/8 frän 80 talet oanvänd med ceramic linförare(rullen gjordes bara i1 år

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