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  1. God kväll, hi, as you life in the country with the most pikes in Europe, I wan´t to ask if someone could recommend a good line for gäddfiske i sjön och elven. I want to use the line in combination with a Gass-II #6 12,2ft, doublehand rod, I checked some line profiles and I think a RIO OutBond F/H/I could work. With a integrated line i won´t have the ratteling shooting head in the rings, because i like to strip the line right up to my feet. I just asked Loop but they could not really recommend the Marauder for my special application. Maybe someone has a good idea!? Tack! Jörn
  2. Hello Kent, i use the SA Spey Lite scandi integrated in combination with an Echo TS #2 11ft trout spey with 180 grains, it is really good line and combi. It is like a class #5 singelhand combination. You have a colour marking as a kind of loading zone in the line, thats nice to have. Hejdå. Jörn
  3. Hei Kent, the line class is usually based to the AFTMA (singelhand) standard (weight of the first 9,14m), on the GL-website you find for example the #7/8 headweight of 18g or 280 grains inclusive tip (based on 7,5m). So for me (doublehand/switch)was the physical line weight important Loop recommendet 278grains. I don´t know your rod, but if you have a scandnavian rod like for example Guideline, Loop etc,, you can usually use a little bit more weight so I personally would prefer the #8/9 class. But I´m satisfied that the line would perfectly fit for your application. Regards Jörn
  4. God morgon E12, Jag hoppas att det är okej om jag svarar på engelska. I use the line in #7/8 (18gr) in combination with my class #5 switch rod and I like the short head and the flexebility with the changeabel tips, you won´t have to use polyleader. The line is great, especially here on my river with a high embankment in the back, so mainly I use the Andersson casts. I´m full satisfied with that good swedish stuff! Har en bra "Midsommar"! Jörn
  5. Hi Jonken, tack, the Vision line is a good tip, years ago I used the Berkley Big game for coarse fishing, but I was not really satisfied with that. I know that I will have to test two or three candidates, but it is good to know what you use, when autumn comes. There is a new Line from Stroft, i used the GTM for spin fishing, I think that will be my second test, but actual I have only a feedback from my Tackel dealer that they tested the line in Norway for salmon and were really satisfied!? Best Regards Jörn
  6. Hey, Så nu är du strax före midsommar! But befor you can start the party I have a new theme to discuss, maybe you could give me a good support regarding monofil shooting lines. The main problem is around here, that some people fish with doublehand rods, but mainly they do it only for a few days during the salmon season in the North, but I need information from people who also fish under bad weather conditions. So actual I´m searching for a mono runningline, that I wan´t to use for I/H/S-heads, and in short, for all subsurface heads, I want to reduce the influences of current and wind and also the flaoting runningline influence on the head. And as I know that you have a lot of good fisherman and fisherwomen up there, it would make me proud, if you would share your expieriences with mono runninglines from spring to winter fishing. It would be intresting to know if you could recommend the LOOP Shooter or Guidline compline II? As I know the OPST is often used by bad weather fishermans. Enjoy the long days!!! Tack! Jörn
  7. Hei Sunkan11, tack for your answer and information, it seems that doublehand fishing is more popular in sweden than it is here around. Yes for sure you have more interesting waters up there! Regards Jörn
  8. Hello Christer, thank you for your information, yes, I think the 3D+ compact is in focus and I like that Guideline use Polyurethan instead of PVC material! Mostly there comes good fishing stuff from Sweden, in summer I already plan to visit Danielsson in Smedjebacken due to the fact that iI have a mecanical background. Regards Jörn
  9. Hei Christian, tack for your information, so it seems that we are nearby, actual I tested the12,6#9 with 33gr. I had a look on the Rio Line recommendation-2015 and for the12,2'6 they recommend max 400grains. So that will be nearly 26g max, so i plan to use 23gr so that there is space left for a polyleader. I don´t really know the rod differences in detail, i think the real seat is diffrent in the colour and they used the same resin as they used for the Cross rods. Yes the GDC, but it seeems that they are nearly sold out, the Tip solution I don´t know, i like to keep the setup as simple as possible. So actual I don´t know what Loop is planning regarding a shooting head solution, so I think the Guidline Power taper 3D+ could be a smart solution. Thank you for your feedback! Regards! Jörn
  10. Hei, jag är Jörn från Tyskland och jag skulle vilja fråga dig vilken Klump eller Fluglinor du kan rekommendera för denne Gass-II flugspön. Om det är okej, skulle det vara lättare för mig att skriva engelska. Okay, here we are, I just started with two handed flyfishing and I knew Loop and Danielsson from my existing gear, so it was logical for me to have a look on their portfolio again. I knew the history of the underhand cast and saw the GASS-II in the web and, first I ordered the #9 and yesterday followed the #6. In my eyes the Gass is like a swedish Bofors, a really good feeling and feedback during the casts. Actual I have to decide which Line-Setup I will choose for the rods, actual i started with a RIO Scandi 3D in #8/9 so that it is possible to use polyleaders if you have to. Which setups and line weights can you recommend? Mainly I will fish for Asp, Gädda, Gös and Aborre in my home waters (Werre/Weser) and for sure during trips to scandinavia I will fish for seatrout etc. It would be nice to get a feedback and to get in contact! Tack! Jörn (Tyskland)
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